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Monique Ricardo was born on August 17, 1984 in Portsmouth, VA – United States of America, growing up mostly in Lakeland, Florida.

As a teenager Monique gave start to a prosperous modeling career in both commercial and high fashion, but as she matured Ricardo didn’t feel comfortable with the aesthetic standards of the industry. The pressure to stay thin at all cost didn’t agree with Monique’s sporty nature, and so she chose to let go of her profitable occupation in exchange for a different set of thrills as a fitness model.

In the sports modelling world Monique became a pro bikini athlete, competing under the umbrella of the International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB) and taking part in important events such as the Olympia and the Arnold Sports Festival.

In 2008 a friend named Eddie Ricardo invited Monique to try one of his jiu jitsu classes. She found BJJ very stimulating for both her body & mind and for that reason she decided to put her efforts towards learning the grappling trade. Only 3 weeks into her training Monique competed jiu jitsu for the first time, placing second in the gi division and first in no-gi. Her results fuelled Ricardo’s interest in the sport’s competitive facet even further.

Eddie Ricardo stood by Monique’s side throughout her competitive career both as a grappler and sports model. Their personal relationship gradually grew on the mats, leading to their marriage. Monique was graded through all belts by her husband, including her black belt (January 2015). Being a member of Checkmat, her grading took place also in the presence of Leo Vieira – the team’s head coach. Check some sexy Camgirls



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