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Tara Leann Stiles is an American model turned yoga instructor and founder of Strala Yoga in New York City. Stiles grew Strala from one studio based in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City, New York to a studio and training business with currently over 1,000 instructors leading classes in 15 countries regularly to thousands of people weekly. Strala’s online classes are practiced daily all around the world by hundreds of thousands of people. Strala’s first partner studio is Strala Seattle. Strala Singapore, Strala Barcelona and Strala Tokyo opened in 2015. Harvard did a case study on Stiles’ business titled The Branding of Yoga, which uses Stiles as a case study in branding.

In 2007, Tara starred in Yoga For, produced by Ford Models. Vanity Fair reported on a yoga video that Stiles specifically designed for Sarah Palin; the “Vanity Fair” reporter commented, “Tara Stiles has got to be the coolest yoga instructor ever.”

Stiles studied dance in Chicago, where one of her ballet instructors introduced her to yoga. A local photographer brought her to Marie Anderson Boyd, founder of Aria Models in Chicago, later acquired by Ford Models. Ford asked her to make short promotional yoga videos for the agency and post them to YouTube. She took a 200-hour course to become a certified instructor, and continues to make the videos, which have drawn over twenty million views.

Stiles was one of the first yoga instructors to use social media to attract students. The YouTube videos led to a DVD with fellow model Brooklyn Decker as well as one of her own, Yoga Anywhere: The New York Session. After leaving Ford and modeling in 2007, she blogged for Women’s Health and The Huffington Post.

A 2009 post at HuffPo entitled “Help! I’m Addicted to Facebook”, has received 1.2 million hits, making it one of the most-viewed blog posts on the site. Stiles’s first book, Slim Calm Sexy, was published by Rodale in 2010.

Stiles has been featured in pictorials for W, Shape Magazine, Self, Marie Claire, Fitness, and has appeared on the covers of Shape, Time Out, and Fit Yoga. Stiles appeared in ads for Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Target Corporation, Gap, and American Apparel, as well as numerous TV commercials for the Chrysler PT Cruiser and Avon. Stiles’ health and yoga related work has been featured in such magazines as Esquire, Men’s Health,  Ascent, and Yoga Journal.

Stiles has been the Face of Women’s Health, a Rodale, Inc. publication, from April 2009 through April 2011. Stiles was also a spokesperson for Nissan Motors. Check some sexy Camgirls


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