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Tanya Poppett is a fitness instructor and online blogger based in Sydney, Australia. She specializes in high-intensity functional and strength training. Her unique style of teaching and training has earned her admiration from countless fans – both online, and in person.

However, Tanya didn’t always plan on becoming a fitness instructor. During her teenage years, she was a competitive runner. There were days where Tanya would run up to 16 kilometers per session. Because of this, Tanya’s body began to suffer. So much repetitive movement caused her ankles and joints to hurt.

In a search for something less repetitive, Tanya found out about High-Intensity Interval and Strength Training. These activities weren’t nearly as repetitive as long-distance running, and they also offered her some unique benefits – such as an increased muscle mass and toned body.

Taking on a new challenge in her life, in the form of weight training. Tanya has gone from leaps to bounds ever since she entered the weight room. She’s become a personal training instructor, and online fitness influencer with a fan base that only keeps on growing. Check some sexy Camgirls


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